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Primrose Hospice Mosaic

Current Project Project

Primrose Hospitals ce Summer Garden Mosaic 

Jackie is creating a 7-meter mosaic, drawing inspiration from the book "Water Bugs & Dragonflies," aimed at explaining death to young children. This mosaic graces a prominent exterior wall at the hospice, welcoming patients, families, and visitors to the Hospice gardens. Additionally, Jackie has collaborated with children and patients on various mosaic projects wi rf taking closely with the Primrose team.. Her project has received backing from public funding provided by Arts Council England, along with support from The Bromsgrove Society, Elliott Nash LTD, and Bromsgrove District Council.



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Edgbaston Floral Mosaic


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This mosaic is a 14-metre floral display on the front of the Karis Medical Centre in Edgbaston. I aim to transform plain, uninteresting walls or buildings with cheerful, uplifting mosaics. Wherever possible, I would also like to get the local community involved.
The idea for the mosaic was inspired by the Great Plague of 1665. It was believed that holding a posy of flowers to the nose would keep away the germs contained in the miasma, the term used for the so-called emanation that was believed to spread the plaque. The idea that flowers could ward off illness felt like a perfect theme for a medical centre mosaic. Little did we know when this idea was conceived that we would be in the grips of COVID-19 ten years later. I also felt that the flower theme has a broad appeal and would provide an all-year-round summer garden in the heart of the community. Who doesn’t love flowers? And who doesn’t want to be uplifted at this time?

The community and those connected with it chose every flower on the mosaic. Members also made some flowers and sections of the community during workshops held at St George’s school and Edgewood Court. Every flower has a personal significance, whether remembering a loved one or, for example, the fire poppies requested by the fire service.

This project has united all who have taken part and helped uplift the community during a difficult time. It has also enriched a prominent and important focal point. It took nearly a year to produce the mosaic and four weeks for me to cement It to the wall. During the fitting, the community again supported me in all weather, offering words of encouragement and showing genuine appreciation for the work I had produced.

This mosaic will endure for years and serve as a permanent thank you from the Edgbaston community for all the care that the NHS and other essential services and providers have given and continue to provide.



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Jackie Nash

Our Lady

A mosaic of 'our Lady' produced using iridescent, porcelain and vitreous glass tiles.

Measures 110cm in diameter

Our Lady School Mosaic