Jackie Nash

Mosaic Art & Workshops

Harvington School

Harvington MosaicHarvington School ( diameter 100cm  ) June 2014 .  All the children at the school helped to produce this welcome mosaic.

St Mary's Catholic School - Together We Pray

Evesham, April 2014
This mosaic was designed and produced with the children. The mosaic is displayed within the schools prayer garden. It measures 200 cm in diameter. 
Floor mosaic at St Mary's Catholic SchoolMosaic at St Mary's Kidderminster


St Laurence School Rainbow Mosaic

St Laurence School Rainbow Mosaic ( measures 270cm x 120cm )
The mosaic was produced by the children during five days of mosaic workshops. The mosaic incorporates a range of light reflective tiles, including coloured mirror and iridescent.
This mix of tiles, display subtle colour changes at different times of the day and when viewed from different angles.